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about us

Who are We?

Amstelfilm is a young distributor with a passion for arthouse films that takes care of the release, marketing and publicity of feature films as well as documentaries. Amstelfilm provides trailor-made releases.


Amstelfilm is an independent film distributor specialising in the release of documentaries and drama with societal themes. We focus on telling un(der)told stories that show people’s resilience, with an emphasis on hope.

Amstelfilm has a focus on both Dutch and foreign arthouse content. We aim to select high-quality films that have artistic value and at the same time relevance to society. Our ambition is to appeal to a broad and diverse audience.

In cooperation with film theatres, cultural institutions and civil society organisations, we organise special screenings, events and discussion panels around the released films. We are also committed to promoting film culture and supporting new filmmakers.

It is our goal to distribute impactful films that make viewers think and create a dialogue about important social issues. We strive for both artistic success and to encourage social engagement through the power of film.

Amstelfilm BV
Prinsengracht 452
1017 KE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31(20) 42 83 025

ABN Amro account number:
 NL42 ABNA 059 626 394 5
BTW-number: NL819836473B01
KvK-number: 34310405

Our films made possible with the support of:

Heleen Hoogendijk

Heleen Hoogendijk

Managing Director & Sales

Ted Grindei

Ted Grindei